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FLTG has Partnered with Industry Leaders to Bring Innovative and Efficient Data Center Solutions for Your Business

Data Center Infrastructure

The Data Center is at the core of your network bringing the data services to everyone in your business. At the heart of every Data Center is the network infrastructure. Your network is under intense pressure to keep up new trends, applications, technologies all while maintaining reliability and availability. Can your network handle the task? Finger Lakes Technologies Group, Inc. (FLTG) can help!

FLTG has partnered with Cisco Systems, the leader in enterprise network infrastructure, to offer the best, most complete Data Center solution set in the industry. Remove the need to have separate storage, production, management and services network by using the Cisco Data Center Business Advantage (DCBA). DCBA is comprised of three layers: Unified Fabric, Unified Network Services and Unified Computing. These are the building blocks of the Cisco Data Center Fabric and serve as the foundational infrastructure for the data center.

Cisco Unified Fabric provides a flexible and comprehensive data center network solution for delivering agile and cost-effective network services to servers, storage, and applications. At the same time it provides simplicity and improves user experience across dynamic networked organizations.

Cisco Unified Fabric integrates storage and data networking to deliver:

  • Transparent convergence
  • Three-dimensional scalability
  • Sophisticated intelligence

When rapidly changing business demands require fast response, turn to the Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS). The industry's first converged data center platform, the Cisco UCS delivers smart, programmable infrastructure that simplifies and speeds enterprise-class application and service deployment in bare-metal, virtualized and cloud-computing environments.

Unified, model-based management, end-to-end provisioning, and migration support come together in this next-generation data center platform to accelerate and simplify application deployment with greater reliability and security.

The Cisco Unified Computing System:

  • Integrates server, network, and I/O resources into a single converged system
  • Improves enterprise application availability and performance
  • Scales service delivery to increase business agility
  • Streamlines data center resources to reduce total cost of ownership
  • Radically reduces the number of devices requiring setup, management, power, cooling, and cabling

You need dynamic, on-demand service delivery with consistently managed, policy-based provisioning. Cisco Unified Network Services (UNS) can make it happen!

Cisco Unified Network Services provides consistent and flexible service delivery across any Cisco Layer 4 through Layer 7 service, any form factor, and any location to:

  • Improve application availability and security, enhance user productivity, and deliver accurate performance monitoring
  • Support network services on Cisco dedicated appliances, modules for switches and routers, and VMware® virtualized platforms
  • Deliver services from the network core or the computing edge, or from both



Virtualization is a growing industry trend that helps to protect the investments of organizations' physical IT resources. Virtualization gives the IT staff the ability to separate the dependencies of applications from physical servers and workstations. This approach allows for reduced application deployment time, improved business continuity, improved data security and significant resources cost savings.

FLTG has partnered with virtualization industry leaders to help bring the following benefits to your organization:

  • Reduced time to deploy applications and software for servers and desktop environments
  • Protect your current IT infrastructure investments by maximizing the efficiencies of your server and desktop hardware
  • Improve data security and data protection capabilities
  • Reduce the footprint of hardware assets in your Data Center and Enterprise Services sites
  • Save money on power, cooling and space requirements in Data Center and Enterprise Services sites
  • Deploy applications that are supported on servers, desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablet computing systems at the same time

As virtualization is now a critical component to an overall IT strategy, it is important to choose the right partner. We have partnered with the following Virtualization Technology providers:

  • Citrix Sytems®
  • VMWare®

Not sure where to start? No problem. Let FLTG walk you through the process of evaluating your current server and desktop requirements to show you how a virtualized environment can change the way you operate your business today.


Network Storage - Hardware

The foundation of your business is the availability of data. Your critical business data must be protected to ensure current operational effectiveness and disaster recovery abilities. One of the challenges is that your needs are unique to your organization and you need to have a solution that can fit your needs. FLTG has partnered with NetApp™ to provide a wide range of solutions to provide you the best possible fit for your business needs. NetApp's innovative technologies, like SnapShot® and SnapVault®, produce industry leading performance over a resource friendly infrastructure.

NetApp™ solutions include:

  • A complete line of products and technologies that support any size environment
  • Manage your current storage environment from different vendors with a controller to aid in consolidation and migration efforts
  • Connect with any protocol (FC, FCoE, iSCSI, NAS, CIF, NSF)
  • Manage your entire environment with one platform and one operating system
  • Move data from end-to-end utilizing less network resources using NetApp's Snap technology
  • FlexPod™ integrates disparate computer, storage, and network components into a single architecture that scales with your network


Cloud Storage Solutions

Take the worry out of data management and the complexity of managing your own storage network by using our Cloud Storage Solutions. FLTG offers a solution unlike any other provider. Use the power of our fiber network to provide you secure dedicated access to our off-site Data Storage Center. Choose the amount of data storage you want, choose the amount bandwidth you need end to end, use our private fiber network and consider you data secure!

Our off-site Data Storage Center is designed to meet the physical security requirements demanded by the US military. Our facility resides on the former Seneca Army Deport (FLTG Park) in a customized data storage container designed for the highest levels of physical security. Our 750+ acre property is triple fenced across the entire perimeter and monitored with secure access to the Data Storage Center. Our data storage solution is built on redundant arrays using RAID-DP™ data protection technology. We take your data security seriously, let FLTG be your trusted data protection and business continuity partner.


Data Center Design

Looking to expand or create your data center facility? Need to refresh technologies in your data center? Did the last IT production problem have a negative impact on your bottom line? If you would like your data center network to simply "work better", let the experts at FLTG work to provide you a solution that will improve your data network's performance, reliability and expandability.

FLTG partners with Cisco Systems to bring you industry leading experience, products and services that have a Data Center focus.

Our engineers are certified, experienced and available to create data center designs you can rely on. When you use FLTG as your Data Center
Solutions Provider, here are some of the benefits you can expect:

  • Experienced Integration Engineers, Sales Engineers and Account Management
  • Top Industry Certifications, including but not limited to:
    • Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE)
    • Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP)
    • Cisco Certified Design Associate (CCDA)
    • Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)
    • Cisco Certified Data Center Unified Computing Design Specialist
    • Cisco Certified Data Center Unified Computing Install Specialist
  • Validated Cisco designs and solutions
  • 20+ years of engineering and implementation experience

Let our experience be your guide through the Data Center design and solutions process.


Disaster Recovery Planning

Having access to your business critical information and key applications is essential to business continuity. What would happen if you were to lose access to those key information systems, applications, and services that you rely on? How long would it take you to recover from a service effecting incident? Don't guess about what would happen in case a disaster occurred, have a plan!!

Disasters are not always the result of high winds and rain. In the past two years, 52% of businesses experienced an unforeseen interruption, and the vast majority (81%) of these interruptions caused the business to be closed for one or more days.1

Disaster Recovery is becoming an increasingly important aspect of organizational operations. Creating a good Disaster Recovery Plan is important to understanding how to protect, reduce risk and maximize operational abilities when unplanned, service effecting events occur. A disaster is a sudden, unplanned catastrophic event that removes an organization's ability to perform mission-critical and critical processes, business as usual (BAU) production processing of systems that support critical business processes. A disaster can be caused by weather, vehicle accident, intentional business disruption efforts of a person or group, unintentional employee or business partner actions, a failed internal support system or other types of events. A disaster could result in the loss of data or the inability of employees to access key systems and applications.

FLTG will help guide you through the process of:

  • Identifying key systems and applications and their dependencies
  • Suggesting best practice options to increase systems and application survivability
  • Identify key personnel that should be involved in the D/R planning and remediation process
  • Define the D/R process and how to implement and invoke that process
  • Document and communicate service level agreements (SLA) for D/R related events to internal and external groups
  • Create the anticipated timeline from incident occurrence, incident reporting, D/R declaration and notification, executing the D/R plan, remediation efforts, and return to business operations
  • Create a D/R testing process
  • Document the completed D/R plan
  • Review and modify the plan based on technology, process, personnel and organizational need changes


FLTG will provide you with more than a disaster recovery plan..we will provide you with a disaster recovery solution!

No matter what your Data Center or Disaster Recovery needs are, FLTG has the tools and skill sets to provide a solution that addresses your
organizational goals and will help align you for continued success in the future.



1. Source: 2009 Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Survey

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